Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Al-Marsa Tripoli-Libya

Fish on the Mediterranean
It is for sure a place for fish lovers, located on the Mediterranean, east of the harbour on shore drive (Tareeq Alshat) About 3 minutes west of Mayteega airport (Used to be an American airbase in the 60's). The first impression is kind of "what am I doing here" but once you indulge in the experience, it is all good, here's how it works:

-Park your car on the road or by entering the market (road is not paved so be careful).
-Browse the fish market and ask about prices before you decide to settle on one or two kinds of fish.
-Browse restaurants before deciding on where to eat, once you decide take one of their hosts with you so you purchase the fish (trust your host).
-When buying, make sure you ask if the fish is not a farm fish.
-The fish will be cleaned and delivered on your host's request to the kitchen of your restaurant of choice.
-I recommend that you eat your fish cooked non grilled style, this way you get to taste the chef's spices and abilities, trust me you will not regret it, you can always catch on grilled fish.
-Appetizers are great way to indulge in the experience make sure you have them plentifully.
-I recommend a sodapop that is hard to come by in north America, it is called Bitter Soda, red in color & the localy made one is the best.
-Do not have your tea in the same restaurant you had your meal in, walk out side towards the gate and on the right hand side as climbing the hill out to the main road, there will be this old man who actually sells tea in disposable cups he will make your night, better yet, the cup will be also filled with fresh nuts.

Smooth walk to the car while sipping your tea and a Mediterranean breeze will enhance the flavor of all
Precautions: - Thursdays are extremely busy it might be wise to avoid all together or come early ( 8pm ), locals eat out late so coming early will get you a better peak on the catch of the day as well.
Enjoy and welcome to Libya