Saturday, February 24, 2007


Located on the east edge of Tripoli, at AL-Furnaj, pass the University Drag (Al-Fateh University), once you arrive at the big circle keep right all the way down to a strip mall type shopping center; Al-FORNO will be right in the middle of the strip mall on the right hand side going to AIN- ZARA. ( a large parking area located across the street, where you will need to U-turn to it from further ahead)

An open kitchen with friendly staff behind the counter, dine in and take away is available. I have noticed more people taking out then eating in, although window seating is available for people watchers, more discreet seating is also available. They had loud music playing in the back ground, I thought that was a little off.

Pizzas are ready to make, rich variety of toppings and a selection of fast food appetizers such as Garlic bread, Brochetta and Garlic potatoes, toasted chicken. As for the Pizzas, they serve them three ways, Stuffed, Crust and Normal. I have opted for the Stuffed, it seems the best.
With 20 different types of mix toppings, prices range between 3.50 & 8.50 Libyan Dinar.

All sorts of soft drinks and juices off the cooler are available. My Pizza menu picks were :

-Combo: with Spicy chicken, Red onion, Chili sauce, BBQ sauce, Tomatoes and Cheese
-Smokey house: with House salami, Grilled chicken, Red onion, Sweet corn & Cheese.
And the list goes on, don't mind me, just go there and try it all, one bite at a time.

Call Ahead Numbers:092-5234949 Or 092-5365345

They are also open for breakfast at 7 Am ( breakfast consists of Croissant and milk shakes, coffee & tea) Pizza is served between 11 am and 1.00 am

Enjoy and welcome to Libya