Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Al-Nayrouz Deliciousos Pizza

Thin crust verses thick crust, tomato sauce verses plain, olives, anchovies, green olives, tuna, sun dried tomatoes, mushroom, are just a few ingredients that you can ask for on your pizza in this busy place on Tripoli down town's edge area, a large dining area that is a host to a service bar/counter which is hospitable to the ones who prefer to eat on a high stool, you can also choose to eat on the balcony room ( a small room over looking the street) or in a loft like area, in which I have noticed that Libyan females prefer due to it's isolation where they eat and chat freely.
The most important aspect of the Pizza at Al-Nayrouz is the dough, it was professionally prepared, then comes the cheese and the sauce, this is one of the few places that you can actually get real mozzarella cheese suitable for pizza.
The place is usually busy by 7 pm where you will see Libyans and non Libyans doing the ritual of eating a juicy and delicious Pizza A Libiano.
Now I am going to work on how to get you there O.K:
Going WEST ON Al-Naser Street:
To get there you need to take Al-Naser street, keep right while passing by the cemetery(it is on the right hand side going west) of Seydi Munayder, take the ramp then turn right, after 100 meters would be Al-Nayrouz, you can park your car across the street as there is a plenty of parking.
Going EAST On Al-Naser Street:
Turn to the left after passing the Libyan broadcasting Company building towards the right take the ramp to the traffic lights ( it is a green area with a cafe on your left hand side) turn towards the far left as the first left is a one way street 90 meters after turning is where Al-Nayrouz is.

Good Pizza.
Ambiance ( could be better).
Good prices for the buy.
Spotless clean place.
O.K. service

Enjoy and Welcome to Libya
P.S: Al-Naser street is the street parallel to Omar al -Mukhtar St. going south wards