Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not Just A Fish:- Izzeddeen's Place

Drive east starting from downtown or the Green Arena towards one of the biggest air bases in Africa, which used to host The American air base Wheelus ( corrected, thanks to Chatalaine), now MAYTEEGA, the road is relatively new while the road is called TAREEQ AL-SHAT, there are no addresses or address system in Tripoli, the best way to get to where I will be featuring here is to park your car pointing east right in front of the external gates of Mayteega airport (Buraq Airways sign) and zero your odometer, once you do that drive east along the coast of the Mediterranean where you can enjoy the nice water front view, after 10 KM not more not less you will see a series of hutches on the north side of the road all you need to do is make a U turn and park along the road and next to the last hutch.

Decorated with palm tree leaves and trunks as seats and tables with dirt ground sprayed with water to prevent dust from rising, a small kitchen and a pool far a bit from the seating area you will be welcomed to Izzeddeen's place.
A young fellow in his early twenties with a hidden smile on his face would be Izzeddeen your host, he will chat abit then ask you about what is it that you would like to have for the day, then offer you to go with him where he keeps his stash of the day and show you the fish.

I choose sword fish and my companion choose to go with what is called BURY in Libya (Mediterranean grey mullet), a skinny fish with a relatively meety and less fatty body content. As we waited, Izzeddeen cleaned the catch and gave them to the grill, the dressing of the fish could be smelled from the distance and it sure made our stomachs growling, we were asked if we wanted to have the fish there or to go since they do pack your food if you would like it to go, we decided to have it to go.
The dish comes with a salad and a serving of a hot sauce, the kind that will raise your body tempreture to a degree that the heat of Tripoli weather will be felt like a midwestren december windchill, I must addmit I have never had such a dressing or spices in my life no where in the world.
The next best part of this experience for sure was the bill, Izzeddeen decided that we were two very nice people and our bill for eight Mediterranean grey mullet type fish, achunk of sowrd fish and salads were 18 Libyan Dinars (around 14.00 U.S dollars).
It was such a treat to be there and visit with Izzeddeen and enjoy his cooking and recepie.
Enjoy and Welcome to Libya