Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beirut Restaurant- Tripoli / Libya

None of the descriptions of a restaurant would fit this place, not even a cafe would fit, it is a dive like place, out of the ordinary, very similar to the feel of any tuna fish parlor you would venture in if you know Tripoli or Libya for that matter, the feel is very..... "food should not be served there" type of feel
Close to that greasy spoon sort or maybe...... you got to try it your self, I'll shush.

Welcome to Beirut Restaurant, on Beirut street, yes you heard it right, Beirut street, it is the one way street series in Tripoli.
If you are at Algeria (Maydan Al-Jazaer) Square, where the post office and the grand mosque that used to be a cathedral, driving one way in to Haiti street, it is the first street to the right, as the next one would be the famous First September main street.
the ninth store front on the right hand side would be restaurant Beirut.
It is a very local food spot literally, you can find the following there:
-Grilled fish
-Grilled chicken (yummy)
-White beans with lamb sausage
-Libyan style pasta
-Stuffed vegetables
-Libyan Sausage
-Lamb stew-Yakhnee

and the list goes on
All local and imported beverages are available, they also serve you a greasy cup of tea as you walk out.

Suleiman and Abdulrazak are the cooks and the proprietors, and I tell you , these guys know their beef.
I would have preferred a better layout and outlook, but for the five Dinars tab, I could not have experienced Libyan cuisine better.
the pick two for Five will do it there for you including a beverage, it is a treat :-).


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Italian Resturant OBN (as spelled on their card)

Located on the main drag of Gergaresh, north side while driving westward pass Cook Door fast food place.
A friendly staff with a clean but faint decoration, it did not strike any chord in me.

Old Tripolitania photos decorate the walls, with a large two stages courts, the restaurant intends on catering to bigger crowds apparently.
The menu is very rich, from appetisers to pasta, chicken fries to pizzas you can find all the Cuisine Del la Americo-Italiana at Italian Resturant OBN.
The prices were on the steep side for Libya, service was alright considering the location, food and most of all the prices they were asking for the dishes they offered.
Over all it is worth a try for a change.

I won't be able to elaborate on the dishes since nothing stuck in my mind nor my notes.
They have a takeout service it seems, locals lined up to pick their food when I was departing.
Bon appetite
Enjoy Libya

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Abu Ali - Ben Ashoor

Located on the busy street of Ben-Ashoor, as you drive north, it will be on your right hand side going to Al-Qadisiyah square.
It is the casual classic dinner out if you like, the usual felafel and humus appetizers, chicken gyro and meat grills, they serve your table with oven fresh pitta bread, their salads are also nice as starter, it is a combination of what ever they have prepared, from BABA-GANUJ to HUMUS, RUSSIAN SALAD and the list goes on.
Remember, it is the casual atmosphere at ABU ALI that is to enjoy.
Welcome back to Libya

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kashmir Of Tripoli

The velvet feel that the name implies, that’s how you feel once you drift through the door of Restaurant Kashmir In the hip neighborhood of GarGaresh.

Facing the Mediterranean sea with a large seating area and plenty of tables stands Kashmir a Pakistani restaurant opened by the Country's Ambassador. Incense fill the air as the host walks you to your table o choice, a music playing in the back ground with tables filled with expats or embassy staff.

The place gives you an international feel. The menu consists of a series of starters, the Samosa and Pakoras are there. I tried the Samosas they were so good but small compared with portions I have had else where.

Kashmir is probably the only place in Tripoli that you will taste a moderate Mango Lassi drink. While other beverages are available my choice was A mango Lassi.
Chicken entries are to die for, the food was a bit on the greasy side but the presentation was excellent, Chicken Tikka Masala is a good choice for starters who love hot and saucy food.
Meat entries are also available. the Palak Paneer spinach dish was good although the lack of Palak cheese did not prevent the cook from doing a good job with mozzarella instead.
A less fluffy and thicker NUN bread smooths the experience, while the dimmed lights of the place gives way to a relaxed night out.
Prices I thought were on the steep side for the whole experience, 14 L.D for entries and 8 for smaller dishes, appetizers were almost alacart, a better price scheme could turn the crowd around for that place.
Very pleasant experience I have had in Kashmir
The owner speaks good English and very friendly, his venture has a wide vision as wide as the view through his windows to the Mediterranean.
Enjoy And Welcome to Libya

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Located on the east edge of Tripoli, at AL-Furnaj, pass the University Drag (Al-Fateh University), once you arrive at the big circle keep right all the way down to a strip mall type shopping center; Al-FORNO will be right in the middle of the strip mall on the right hand side going to AIN- ZARA. ( a large parking area located across the street, where you will need to U-turn to it from further ahead)

An open kitchen with friendly staff behind the counter, dine in and take away is available. I have noticed more people taking out then eating in, although window seating is available for people watchers, more discreet seating is also available. They had loud music playing in the back ground, I thought that was a little off.

Pizzas are ready to make, rich variety of toppings and a selection of fast food appetizers such as Garlic bread, Brochetta and Garlic potatoes, toasted chicken. As for the Pizzas, they serve them three ways, Stuffed, Crust and Normal. I have opted for the Stuffed, it seems the best.
With 20 different types of mix toppings, prices range between 3.50 & 8.50 Libyan Dinar.

All sorts of soft drinks and juices off the cooler are available. My Pizza menu picks were :

-Combo: with Spicy chicken, Red onion, Chili sauce, BBQ sauce, Tomatoes and Cheese
-Smokey house: with House salami, Grilled chicken, Red onion, Sweet corn & Cheese.
And the list goes on, don't mind me, just go there and try it all, one bite at a time.

Call Ahead Numbers:092-5234949 Or 092-5365345

They are also open for breakfast at 7 Am ( breakfast consists of Croissant and milk shakes, coffee & tea) Pizza is served between 11 am and 1.00 am

Enjoy and welcome to Libya

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Deesan of Al-Khums

Away from Tripoli going east, surviving the battered coastal road you arrive to the city of Al-khums, the first entrance to the city is called Tripoli road entrance. As you make the left turn(with extreme caution), you will see a hotel called Al-Hasanein. It is on your right as you complete the turn, drive down Tripoli road all the way till you see a green building on your right ( A newly built school), across the street from the green school building would be DEESAN... woo, wish they implement address systems in Libya :-)

The restaurant occupies two floors, upper floor for families. Simply decorated but comfortable with large windows that are ready to slide if weather permits. Upper floor is more comfy, clean restrooms and decent service complemented by delcious food. The owners are from Turkey and they sure know what they are doing, it is relatively new and has a mid to high price range.

They make their own dough and have stone oven, so that is a bonus, nun bread is a must, chicken Shawerma (Gyros), chicken shish kebab, beef screws cooked in ovens with juicy tomatoes dripping delicious taste on every bite.
The most interesting dish I had there was the Lahm-Majun, it is a Turkish specialty made of thin dough open flat, furnished with ground meat mixed with spices that are almost sweet on the palate, highly recommended ;-)
Soups (lentil), salads (variety), Shish kebabs, Sandwiches(rolls), specialty salads, Shawerma (Gyros), sweets and all sorts of drinks are available.
And by the way, the waiters are extremely polite and speak multiple languages
So if you make it to Liptis -Magna feed your eyes at the ruins, and feed your eyes & tummy at Deesan.

Enjoy and Welcome to Libya

Friday, December 22, 2006

Pizza Pitza Cafe-Restaurant, Hay Al-andalus Location

Located on the busy bustling Gargaresh- Hay Alandalus main drag, inside the newly opened Al-Wahat shopping little mall. Kind of hidden in the back ground but not to the eyes at first, with a nice balcony that looks over the entrance of the main gate of the little shopping mall. you have to walk to the right take the stairs up one floor (first floor), following the blue sign that reads RESTAURANT. The place does not have a phone yet, so walk-ins are welcome.

Friendly, comfortable and have good ambiance, also nicely decorated with easy colors all over the place. Although tables are very close, you can have a certain level of privacy if you come early for dinner.
I did fall in love with the chicken Shawerma and Chicken Chich Taouk( as per the menu), the chicken is marinated in a mild exotic spice combo with sweet tangy taste to them, soft, melting almost and easy on the palate. Make sure they put no HARRISA* in your food, it just ruins the whole experience.

Their menu consists of Pizza, Fast food such as fried chicken fried calamari, a variety of Mediterranean Salads and Pasta, Sandwiches of beef and chicken, fried shrimp and of course the ever present Tuna.
Canned drinks are available. Libyan style coffee, cappuccino and tea are also recommended. Tables can be joined if you come with a bigger group.
Prices range between 2.00 and 15.00 Libyan Dinar, depending on what you order, not too bad hey :-).
Have a nice night out. Enjoy and welcome to Libya

*Harrisa is a red pepper paste popular in north Africa used as an appetizer, it is different than the Harrisa Dessert that is native to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon Area.