Thursday, November 08, 2007

Italian Resturant OBN (as spelled on their card)

Located on the main drag of Gergaresh, north side while driving westward pass Cook Door fast food place.
A friendly staff with a clean but faint decoration, it did not strike any chord in me.

Old Tripolitania photos decorate the walls, with a large two stages courts, the restaurant intends on catering to bigger crowds apparently.
The menu is very rich, from appetisers to pasta, chicken fries to pizzas you can find all the Cuisine Del la Americo-Italiana at Italian Resturant OBN.
The prices were on the steep side for Libya, service was alright considering the location, food and most of all the prices they were asking for the dishes they offered.
Over all it is worth a try for a change.

I won't be able to elaborate on the dishes since nothing stuck in my mind nor my notes.
They have a takeout service it seems, locals lined up to pick their food when I was departing.
Bon appetite
Enjoy Libya

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Hibo said...

i went thier with my friend Last year,i enjoyed it.