Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kashmir Of Tripoli

The velvet feel that the name implies, that’s how you feel once you drift through the door of Restaurant Kashmir In the hip neighborhood of GarGaresh.

Facing the Mediterranean sea with a large seating area and plenty of tables stands Kashmir a Pakistani restaurant opened by the Country's Ambassador. Incense fill the air as the host walks you to your table o choice, a music playing in the back ground with tables filled with expats or embassy staff.

The place gives you an international feel. The menu consists of a series of starters, the Samosa and Pakoras are there. I tried the Samosas they were so good but small compared with portions I have had else where.

Kashmir is probably the only place in Tripoli that you will taste a moderate Mango Lassi drink. While other beverages are available my choice was A mango Lassi.
Chicken entries are to die for, the food was a bit on the greasy side but the presentation was excellent, Chicken Tikka Masala is a good choice for starters who love hot and saucy food.
Meat entries are also available. the Palak Paneer spinach dish was good although the lack of Palak cheese did not prevent the cook from doing a good job with mozzarella instead.
A less fluffy and thicker NUN bread smooths the experience, while the dimmed lights of the place gives way to a relaxed night out.
Prices I thought were on the steep side for the whole experience, 14 L.D for entries and 8 for smaller dishes, appetizers were almost alacart, a better price scheme could turn the crowd around for that place.
Very pleasant experience I have had in Kashmir
The owner speaks good English and very friendly, his venture has a wide vision as wide as the view through his windows to the Mediterranean.
Enjoy And Welcome to Libya