Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sfenz Of Gurji (Libyan Doughnut)

This is an ancient tradition, originally done by the Jews of North Africa in general. I have found a link that might be helpful in introducing this tradition:

The Place I am featuring this month, is a small place that sells sweets all year round.
No name for the place is available, I will do my best in describing it to you.
In Ramadan they start making SFENZ, as it is called in Libya. It is served after 10 pm every day during the month of Ramadan :
I am told that this is the best place where you can get the best Sfenz in Tripoli.
The place looks like a dive. Located on the same main street pass Tripoli Collage, it is about 250 meters before the over bridge to Hay-ALandalus and the circle(beneath the bridge) that leads to the highway exit in the area of Gurji.
Making and serving:
They make the Sfenz with one egg, two eggs and you can add cheese if you would like. I recommend that you ask for it to go, else, you can eat on the sidewalk where they have arranged one big table, if you like eating your doughnut while standing.
If you decide to eat there, make sure you bring your drink with you since no drinks are available.
Sfenz is large in diameter and greasy, it does taste good with all considerations.
It is a great experience considering the history of the Sfenz, it will for sure give you a taste of the past times.
Enjoy and Welcome to Libya