Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beirut Restaurant- Tripoli / Libya

None of the descriptions of a restaurant would fit this place, not even a cafe would fit, it is a dive like place, out of the ordinary, very similar to the feel of any tuna fish parlor you would venture in if you know Tripoli or Libya for that matter, the feel is very..... "food should not be served there" type of feel
Close to that greasy spoon sort or maybe...... you got to try it your self, I'll shush.

Welcome to Beirut Restaurant, on Beirut street, yes you heard it right, Beirut street, it is the one way street series in Tripoli.
If you are at Algeria (Maydan Al-Jazaer) Square, where the post office and the grand mosque that used to be a cathedral, driving one way in to Haiti street, it is the first street to the right, as the next one would be the famous First September main street.
the ninth store front on the right hand side would be restaurant Beirut.
It is a very local food spot literally, you can find the following there:
-Grilled fish
-Grilled chicken (yummy)
-White beans with lamb sausage
-Libyan style pasta
-Stuffed vegetables
-Libyan Sausage
-Lamb stew-Yakhnee

and the list goes on
All local and imported beverages are available, they also serve you a greasy cup of tea as you walk out.

Suleiman and Abdulrazak are the cooks and the proprietors, and I tell you , these guys know their beef.
I would have preferred a better layout and outlook, but for the five Dinars tab, I could not have experienced Libyan cuisine better.
the pick two for Five will do it there for you including a beverage, it is a treat :-).



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