Sunday, January 28, 2007

Deesan of Al-Khums

Away from Tripoli going east, surviving the battered coastal road you arrive to the city of Al-khums, the first entrance to the city is called Tripoli road entrance. As you make the left turn(with extreme caution), you will see a hotel called Al-Hasanein. It is on your right as you complete the turn, drive down Tripoli road all the way till you see a green building on your right ( A newly built school), across the street from the green school building would be DEESAN... woo, wish they implement address systems in Libya :-)

The restaurant occupies two floors, upper floor for families. Simply decorated but comfortable with large windows that are ready to slide if weather permits. Upper floor is more comfy, clean restrooms and decent service complemented by delcious food. The owners are from Turkey and they sure know what they are doing, it is relatively new and has a mid to high price range.

They make their own dough and have stone oven, so that is a bonus, nun bread is a must, chicken Shawerma (Gyros), chicken shish kebab, beef screws cooked in ovens with juicy tomatoes dripping delicious taste on every bite.
The most interesting dish I had there was the Lahm-Majun, it is a Turkish specialty made of thin dough open flat, furnished with ground meat mixed with spices that are almost sweet on the palate, highly recommended ;-)
Soups (lentil), salads (variety), Shish kebabs, Sandwiches(rolls), specialty salads, Shawerma (Gyros), sweets and all sorts of drinks are available.
And by the way, the waiters are extremely polite and speak multiple languages
So if you make it to Liptis -Magna feed your eyes at the ruins, and feed your eyes & tummy at Deesan.

Enjoy and Welcome to Libya


Gina said...

I have just promised myself not to read your blog late at night again....all these great restuarants and good food make me hungry......Too bad you can't ship left overs to all of us who wish we were closer.


lovelytripoli said...

New Time You have to bring some for us ,so we can read and test it as well.

Keepsmile5 said...

Thanks for telling me about it
I just came back from libya, I was there in vaction, and one day I was driving my care and when I saw that green school "Fatema Azahra school" (by the way it's old school not newly built, maybe it just reconstruced), suddenly I remembered that I had read something somewhere on a Libyan blogger about a resturant in Alkhoms. I found my way to that resturant and I had a great meal there( Shish kabab and Lahm- Majun) umm very delicious..
I live in Alkoms but I have never seen this resturant before, they have variety of choices and it's not expensive. thank you for telling me about it, I promise you, I will go there when ever I go back to libya..